Friday, December 18, 2009

The Box of Filth.

This was outcome of a 3 week installtion brief presented during semester 1.

My original concept was to build a box which would house a small screen at one end and have a working door at the other. The viewer would be seated and watch a continuous 60 minute video piece shot in a single composition dealing with the themes of sexuality, voyeurism, transgender and drug abuse. The video piece would be presented in order to resemble the view of looking into a persons window from street level. The purpose of the box itself rather than a free standing screen or projection is to bring an element of intimacy to the work, as well as the reduction of distraction in a persons peripheral vision. The actions and events would be vaguely scripted but allow enough room for the said events and themes to play a free and creative role in the proceedings.

The questions being asked deal with the taboo of the 'peeping tom' generation, the work being unable to counteract or respond to being watched and the social tolerance we hold towards recreational habits.

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